Diagnosed with Diabetes…Now What ?

Feeling stressed? Confused ? Overwhelmed?


Do you have questions? Stuck ? Needing some guidance to move forward?


Are you determined to make the changes just not sure of the detailed steps ? Not quite sure where to start or how to overcome the obstacles?


Fear, guilt, embarrassment and shame, to name just a few, all put out the fire, energy and power to make long lasting changes.


Life can just turn into a series of reaction after reaction and just surviving. Living it well, with fun and with happiness is a hope rather than reality.


If yes to any of these then let me help you


Using Neurolinguistic Programming techniques as well as innovative interactive and inspiring tools any change – big or small is absolutely possible.  

Hi! I’m Rakhee.

As a highly trained clinician as well as Master practitioner of NLP I combine these and numerous other skills to give you a unique opportunity of support.

So many online and leaflet resources are available – website after website you can read stuff. What people are truly and deeply lacking is access to a senior specialist that cares and determined to make a difference.

Making powerful choices to have what you want can absolutely happen with the right proactive knowledgeable support. This is exactly what I offer you with my innovative style of coaching.

How I Can Help

Who you are as a person?  Why does that understanding matter? 

What is it that you truly desire? Why is it really important to know this?

 What treatment suits you and strengthens you the most? Why does this matter? 

Want to know more ? Have a specific question ?

Want to know if I can help in your circumstance? 

 Get in touch for a no obligation call

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