During my recent trip to South India I was taken on a fabulous tour of a variety of ancient temples. Some dating back 5000 or 6000 years and they still beautifully stand tall and silent witnesses to all that has happened over that time.

A particular one I vividly remember was in an area called Bellur. Here there was star shaped 178 foot long 156 foot wide, 48 pillared temple. History books say it took just over 103 years to make and was completed in 1117 CE to commemorate the King at the times’ victory.

What stood out for me was the beautiful intricate architecture symbolising and capturing so much knowledge. 

From an entire plinth of carved elephants inspiring that a leader must be stable and firm in making a decision. A border all the way round of lions depicting the need for a king or queen to have courage, horses – confirming speed and strength. Every inch of it had such a heart warming and inspirational story or message to share.

I am back home now and interestingly viewing these temples has opened up a different dimension in my vision.

And I humbly share that with you too.

What do I have around me and what does it say to me ? What can I see and what is its message ?

Maybe this is something we could do more often to help support or inspire us?

The fruit trees in my garden have no leaves, no fruits and are just bare twigs. Reminding me that it’s taking a well earned break, roots are replenishing and it’s getting ready for the spring. Alan Titchmarsh would be proud. 

My car which desperately needs a wash reminds me of the travel and places I have visited. The wonderful people I have met and celebrations that I have enjoyed with loved ones. Think it is white underneath.

My overflowing pencil case with numerous sizes and shapes of stationary which, even WH Smith would be envious of, reminds me that a girl can never have too many pens pencils or feltips. Or for the amazing vibrancy of colour and variety of life is an essential ingredient together with good robust zip!

Stop..slow down…and look around….what do you notice..what does it say to you. If you would like the support of an experienced coach then get in touch

by Rakhee Shah

Zap Diabetes

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