I was consulting with a lady the other day who said something to me and it really stood out. Whilst we were talking about how she was getting on with things. She said that things had not been too good, as she kept forgetting. So I had an option I could have gone down the route of “you should, you must, you ought to….blah blah blah”!!! lol lol….

Instead I asked her a question……

“What would help you to improve that?”

The ball was in her court…she was not expecting a question… and started thinking things through straight away. The searching look soon turned into a big smile….the type you get when you have a really nice ‘aha!!!’ moment and straight away she replied with confidence and clarity …”If I have some pen and paper and jot things down at the time, it goes in more and I also seem to remember”. That was the solution for her. It may seem like a small tweak but it has massive impact.

We all are very different in the way that we take in and store information – some are better at hearing it (auditory), some better at seeing it as a picture or diagram (visual), some better at actually getting a feel for it (kineasthetic) and some prefer a structured order (auditory digital).

Knowing your own strength and learning style is so important in so many parts of life and in particular when discussing new information – it’s so useful to play to your own style and strengths for your own benefit.

What is your learning style?

Think back… when do you find it the easiest? How do you find it the easiest? Try to apply your preferred style to as many situations as possible to get the best from yourself.

In healthcare it is important that you are able to get the information in a way that works just right for you.

If needed ask someone to write it down, draw it on some paper or even repeat what is being said, stating your preferred learning style. Top of the class for you hey!

So how can you get the best deal for you then?

I would suggest the following:

  1. Think of a time where things didn’t quite go as well as you would have liked them to. Often at the end you are going home in the car or a family or friend asks you and you realise….oops! I didn’t quite get what they were on about….
  2. What was possibly missing? can you pinpoint 1/2 or even 3 points?
  3. Then think of a time where things have gone just the way that you wanted them to..note that too
  4. What can be taken from these points and applied to future similar situations ?
  5. Maybe think of your next situation like this that is coming up…what 1/2 or even 3 things can you do differently that may seem small …yet will make a big difference?
  6. Note them in any way that is just right for you.
  7. Great thing about this process is that you can do it again for multiple situation as well as actually apply it any aspect of life

I wish you the very best with this. It is these small tweaks that make the largest changes to our destination.

Enjoy & let me know how you get on!