Do you know the role of a nerve in the body?

Well, its to send information from one point to another. It could be to send a message of – start doing something, stop doing something or an update like ‘this is cold’ and ‘this is hot’. They are small such super fast messengers with some serious responsibility and we rely on them all the time to keep us safe and keep everything going inside us.

Much like a wire, nerves have a coating.

What happens to a wire when that coating has become damaged?

We are all too familiar with the dreaded phone charging cable that has frayed at the end! Argh!!! In the same way that a wire can stop working, so do nerves. This lack of ability to send messages we call neuropathy.

What strips the coating or damages the wires I hear you ask? Answer is whatever is in the blood at levels that should not be there e.g. constant high level of toxins, alcohol and in diabetes – glucose.

Broken wires if touched can give an electric shock. Again in the same way the nerves can produce strange symptoms which can sometimes be painful too. Feelings such as tinging, pins and needles, sharp, shooting and even burning pains can occur too. All are a sign that there are nerve problems occurring.

This can happen everywhere in the body, more so in the lower limb. The numbness means injuries can go unnoticed and unattended and get worse.

Whats the answer to prevent all this ? By having healthy levels of blood sugar. This can stop or even slow down any damage occurring anywhere in the body.

What if damage has occurred can it be reversed? At the moment it is thought not. If pain is happening then there are treatments that can help to tone down and alter the sending of some of the unwanted messages of short circuiting.

Look after the nerves and they will look after you!